My name is Alberto, I’m 28 years old and currently based in Vienna, Austria. In my teenage years I realized that there’s more out there besides working a 9-5 job. Reading countless books about personal development and business, I made it my mission to learn and explore as much as possible, pushing the boundaries of an ordinary life.

Ever since I…

  • started my first award winning startup at 21
  • at the same time finished my Master of Arts in Business
  • spent a year in Silicon valley to learn from the best in sales
  • now work remotely as a sales executive from wherever my laptop is connected to good wifi
  • work out 5-7 times a week and was recently elected Mister Austria 2017/18
  • grew my audience on Instagram to 50k+ followers with the focus of inspiring and helping others beyond just social media
  • started giving talks and holding workshops about sales and my story to give back what I’ve learned so far
You can expect posts from me in various areas of life but with one common denominator: Personal Growth. Be it fitness, mindset, career, startup sales, remote work or social media, my goal is to help you grow to become the best version of yourself and have fun in life! If you want more in life then I will be the one to show you that you can’t only do one thing successfully, but enjoy life and reach your goals to whatever you set your mind to!
I’m not a guru at anything. But I can relate to people who are young and want more in life. Physically, mentally and in their career.

People have asked me for advice in various areas of life in the past and it was great to help. I’m doing all this not to show off or make money in the first place – I simply want to share my knowledge and experience on a broader scale. And in the process have fun and connect with awesome people!