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Alberto Nodale

SaaS Coach | Speaker | Mister Austria

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I’m Alberto Nodale – Award winning startup founder, Master of Arts in Business, Fitness Enthusiast, Speaker and Mister Austria.

I’ve also made my way to Silicon Valley to learn from the best in sales and at the same time also grew my social channels to tens of thousands of followers. Pretty random right?

However, all of this has one common denominator – mindset and personal growth!

Here’s the thing – I’m not a guru at anything.

But I can relate with young people who want more in life. Physically, mentally and in their career.

People have asked me for advice in various areas of life in the past years and it’s always a great experience to help. I’m creating content to share what I’ve learned so far….

To help YOU crush your goals!

For me this is a journey. And if you resonate with the above, I want you to join me. I want to connect with you!

I believe that becoming the best version of yourself is the key to living a life you love. And I want to take as many of you with me on this journey!


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